With Derrick Green at Wacken Open Air 2018

We were so glad to get to meet some of our idols and perform and the biggest metal festival Wacken Open Air. One of our favorite moments was when we had the chance to meet Derrick Green, the vocalist of a band that inspired generations of metal bands, Sepultura. Not only we got to meet the whole band but we were so excited that we were going to tour together in Russia in April 2019 and end the tour in our home country at The Palace in Beirut. After the organizers got all the required documents for the artist visa. The authorities told them that Sepultura were not allowed to enter the country accusing them of being satanists and having performed in Israel. None of the accusations are actually true. It is sad that we live in a country where liberty of expression is still banned. Too much talent is being wasted because of the way our country is treating them. We hope that this time will be the last time we have to face a situation like this.